We did it!

I earned 13,488 votes for U.S. Senate, a new record for any ASP candidate in any single state.  I'm also the first ASP candidate to get above the so-called Raffensperger Line: “I just want to find, uh, 11,780 votes.” Consider them found!
We could not have done this without your generous support. I thank all of you who contributed to the campaign, all of you who mentioned me to your family and friends and co-workers, all of you who gathered signatures to get my name on the ballot, and of course all of you who voted for me. I was humbled every time I received notice that someone else had shared their hard-earned money in the name of solidarity.
But this election is only one stop in a journey to promote the common good in California. There will be another governor’s race in June, 2026, and whoever that candidate is, they will need all the support you have given me, plus a whole lot more. I pray you will all be as generous and kind to that person as you have been to me.

The American Solidarity Party and I are still focused on what's best for families.  Read more about the party's platform and my own stances below.

Mark Ruzon on the Open Door podcast with James Hanink

Also learn about our 2024 presidential ticket. Write in Peter Sonski and Lauren Onak for President and Vice-President this November.



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