Marcos Lopez, Chair of American Solidarity Party National Committee

I’m proud to endorse Mark Ruzon for US Senate. He’s a man of integrity who wants to restore and defend the institution of the family as a fundamental building block of our nation. I trust Mark to be honest and to always act in the best interest of his constituents. His faith in Jesus Christ serves as compass for him in both private and public life. He will be an outstanding public servant for the people of California and for the United States.

Peter Sonski, 2024 American Solidarity party presidential candidate

In a political landscape steeped in gridlock and hyper partisanship, Mark Ruzon offers an welcome antidote: civility, sound reasoning and an appeal for the common good. Mark has my enthusiastic support to be the next US senator from California.

Lauren Onak, 2024 American Solidarity party vice-presidential candidate

I heartily endorse Mark Ruzon for Senator. His vision for the families of California is one driven by a great respect for the innate dignity of the human person. By focusing on a variety of issues from healthcare to electoral reform, Mark shows that his commitment to the values of solidarity runs deep.

Brian Carroll, 2020 American Solidarity party presidential candidate

I endorse Mark Ruzon for California’s Senate election in 2024.

Dr. Ronda Chervin, Emerita Professor of Philosophy, author and speaker

Mark Ruzon is a wonderful candidate for senator: articulate and knowledgeable.

Prof. Michael D. Torre

Department of Philosophy

University of San Francisco

In 1936, some 70-80% of Catholics voted for FDR. But, sadly, his Democratic party has abandoned the traditional and family ethic that was then so visible in it. Catholics, as all Americans close to the traditional ethics and politics of the country, must now find a 'new home'. That home is clearly manifest in the American Solidarity Party and in its candidate for Senate, Mark Ruzon. "Sane, sensible, and vigorous" are words that come to mind to describe him. As to its being too "quixotic" to compete with Democrats and Republicans, let us remind ourselves of the weight just one senator in Washington can have. The time is right: the Californian Democratic party continues to embrace extreme views of its progressive wing and Republicans are in disarray, too many mired in the ugliness of Trumpism. All great enterprises must begin somewhere! Let the life-giving presence and power of the sane American Solidarity Party begin with Mark Ruzon!

Dr. Mirela Oliva
Professor, Rudman Chair of Philosophy
Philosophy Department
University of St. Thomas (Houston)

Mark Ruzon's powerful ideas embody the American spirit, promoting the defense of family, economic security and prosperity, and reasonable healthcare. His political vision offers a pragmatic balance between the two major parties. Parallel to his successful career in computer engineering with a Ph.D. from Stanford University, Mark has worked tirelessly to help homeless people have better lives.

America now needs more than ever people like him, able to bring professional diversity, scientific reasoning, and a genuine interest in the common good to the US Congress. I wholeheartedly endorse Mark Ruzon for the US Senate.

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