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The American Solidarity Party of California

No on Proposition 1


No other state has ever tried to amend into its state constitution the right to abortion at any stage, even late-term abortions (in situations where the baby is able to live outside of the womb). Vote No on the California Proposition 1!

What are we voting on? What really is abortion?

View the informative video below by an experienced Obstetrician/Gynecologist to learn more.



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In order for the American Solidarity Party name to be listed on the ballots in state and nationwide elections, to more effectively provide a good alternative to the two major parties, we need 73,000 voters to be registered as "American Solidarity Party". Register as "American Solidarity Party" to make it clearly known across California. In California, you can still vote in primary elections for the Democratic party if you register with the American Solidarity party! Register here with the American Solidarity Party:


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2022 California American Solidarity Party Candidates in this past June 7 election


 James G. Hanink for Governor (received 10,110 votes in 2022 CA election)

•  Desmond A. Silveira for Secretary of State (write-in candidate)

•  Erskine L. Levi for U.S. Representative 31 Congressional District (write-in candidate)

•  Mark A. Ruzon for U.S. Senate (write-in candidate)


In 2021, James Hanink received over 7000 votes for California governor.






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