American Solidarity Party of California

The American Solidarity Party stands for the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility to care for the environment, and promotion of a more peaceful world.

State Convention November 14

It’s time to register for this year’s state convention. It will be held Saturday, November 14, from 1-3 pm, with remote lunch socializing over Zoom. Our keynote speaker will be National Committee member Bonnie Kallis.

Presidential Election

Brian Carroll and Amar Patel’s vote totals are not being reported yet by the Secretary of State. We will announce totals when we have them; in the meantime, check your county’s results. Nationwide, our vote totals are up at least 288% over 2016.

Follow Us

On our Facebook page: @ASPCalifornia
On Twitter: @CalSolidarity

And join the conversation in our discussion group American Solidarity Party of California

  • Chair: Desmond Silveira
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Mark Ruzon
  • Secretary: Ed Frankovic
  • Treasurer: Matthew C. Scallon
  • Vice-treasurer: Ken Walters
  • Dr. Skylar Covich
  • Dr. James Hanink
  • Jeffrey Bassett
  • JP Kalb
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