What is human dignity?

I received a mailer from a Democratic candidate for Congress that read:

“Human dignity isn’t just a policy stance. From teaching in inner city schools, to representing our most vulnerable in the Public Defender’s Office, to combatting misinformation and bigotry in tech,” and goes on for a while. It sounds nice.

Then I opened the mailer and read:

“As a women’s rights attorney, [the candidate] will always fight to defend a woman’s right to choose…”

How can these statements make sense together? The answer is they can’t. No one can rightfully claim to speak on the side of human dignity when around 900,000 innocent human beings were aborted in America in 2023 alone. “Human dignity” means recognizing that every one of us is valuable, no matter who we are, what we look like, or what we have done. And no human being should be willfully exposed to harm, let alone death.

We can’t see their faces, they may not have names, and we don’t hear their cries. Yet each of us was once like that, and each of us had the opportunity to live. This candidate goes out of his way to deny that reality. “Human dignity” indeed.

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