Remarks presented to a homeless encampment in Venice, California

By James Hanink May 10, 2022
I’m Jim Hanink, and I live in Inglewood. I’m the gubernatorial candidate
of the American Solidarity Party. It’s a party that confounds the
establishment and the “wannabes.”
1. I’m charged with saying what I’m going to do now for the
homeless, especially here, and not what I’m going to do as
2. Well, I’m not going to be governor and for three reasons:
    a. In the recall I had $6K to spend and Mr. Newsom had $75M.
    b. I believe in economic democracy. I advocate for
worker/employee ownership.
    c. I’m prolife for the whole of life; no violence against the
vulnerable, and that includes preborn babies.
3. So here’s what I’m going to do today.
    a. First, I thank Ted Hayes for organizing this event and reminding
us of the cruel history of homelessness. You are part of it.
    b. Second, I am seeing you, not turning away. And I’m wondering
if my youngest son is here among you. Maybe some of you can
give me ideas on how to better help him.
    c. Third, I am encouraging you, with or without drug problems, to
fight the poison pushers and save your lives. Meth kills. So does
Fentanyl. Whether addicted or not, let’s all advocate for the
swift and severe punishment of the producers and distributors.
Seize their assets. Find creative ways to brand them.
4. I’ll be doing these same things tomorrow!

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