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California legislature attempting to legalize and expand “Dr. Death” practices

By Rene Trabanino  M.D./ Ph.D. 4/17/2024   In 1999,  Dr. Jack Kevorkian was on trial, ultimately convicted of 2nd degree murder, and was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison for killing Thomas Youk (who had Lou Gehrig’s disease and was requesting assisted suicide) by lethal injection (after Dr. Kevorkian had taped the killing of the…

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We did it!

3/13/2024 California is super slow in counting votes, so it’s taken a week to declare a victory. As of this writing I have 10,759 votes, a new record for the ASP in a statewide election—and there’s still almost a quarter of the vote yet to count! We should also blow past the so-called Raffensperger Line:…

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What is human dignity?

I received a mailer from a Democratic candidate for Congress that read: “Human dignity isn’t just a policy stance. From teaching in inner city schools, to representing our most vulnerable in the Public Defender’s Office, to combatting misinformation and bigotry in tech,” and goes on for a while. It sounds nice. Then I opened the…

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ASP of California Endorses Protect Kids Initiative

By Jeff Culbreath 2/17/2024 As the Newsom administration aggressively moves to prevent the parents of gender-confused children from interfering with the state’s push to normalize transgenderism – or even having knowledge of their own children’s psychological struggles – a group of concerned Californians has decided to take action. Last August, Protect Kids California announced three…

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Proposed California Law Pressures Families to Affirm “Gender Identity” of Children

By Jeff Culbreath June 15, 2023 As western Europe appears to be putting the brakes on biology-altering “gender transition” procedures for children, legislators in the state of California are working to enshrine the practice into its legal framework. Assembly Bill (AB) 957, if signed into law, would mandate that family courts regard “a parent’s affirmation…

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Letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding targeting of crisis pregnancy centers in California

By James G. Hanink, Nov 4, 2022 Fellow journalists,   The LA Times “New law targets crisis pregnancy centers in L.A.” (Nov. 3, B3) is either a bloated press release or bad journalism.    To wit: Valdez and Petri… 1. Don’t bother to cite any crisis pregnancy center (CPC) staffers or beneficiaries; 2. Don’t mention that the last…

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