Thanks from James Hanink, 2022 Gubernatorial Candidate for the American Solidarity Party

Dear Friends,

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported, in so many ways, the American Solidarity Party’s 2022 gubernatorial campaign! It was an honor to serve as the candidate. We owe a special debt to Ed Frankovic, the Campaign Treasurer. Rene Trabanino was brilliant as  Director of Communications.

The primary election finished on June 7. As of June 23, we have received over 9,640 votes with over 394,000 votes left to count. This is markedly better than the 2021 recall campaign.

Political parties run candidates! We also had three write-in candidates: Mark Ruzon for Senator, Desmond Silveira, for Secretary of State, and Erskine Levi for Congress (District  31). Let’s applaud their ongoing leadership!

The American Solidarity Party is a dynamic newcomer to electoral politics. We are committed to the sanctity of life, social justice, environmental stewardship, and peacemaking. We will build on these principles as we work to organize a new California. In addition, we will encourage alliances with other groups who share our vision.

Our overarching goal is the common good. We look to advance the common good through solidarity, decentralism, and economic democracy.

Siempre adelante, con juicio!

With respect,

James G. Hanink

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