Letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding targeting of crisis pregnancy centers in California

By James G. Hanink, Nov 4, 2022
Fellow journalists,
  The LA Times "New law targets crisis pregnancy centers in L.A." (Nov. 3, B3) is either a bloated press release or bad journalism.
   To wit: Valdez and Petri...
1. Don't bother to cite any crisis pregnancy center (CPC) staffers or beneficiaries;
2. Don't mention that the last California attempt to control CPCs by way of forced speech was blocked by the Court;
3. Ignore the fact that the highly lucrative abortion industry targets low income women;
4. Suggest that diaper support is the main service CPCs provide when it is, instead, long term personal support of women who choose life;
5. Don't seem to realize that their poor journalism is likely to lead CPC supporters (like the American Solidarity Party) to redouble their efforts to sustain grass roots initiatives that help both mothers and their preborn babies.
  But you know all of this already, don't you?
James G. Hanink, Ph.D.

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