Dr. James G. Hanink Endorsed for Governor of California

American Solidarity Party of California
Mark Ruzon, 650-215-3167

Dr. James G. Hanink Endorsed for Governor of California

SACRAMENTO, CA: Dr. James G. Hanink, an independent scholar from Inglewood, CA, has been formally endorsed by the American Solidarity Party of California as its candidate for governor in the 2021 recall election.

In response, Dr. Hanink said, “I’m delighted to receive the endorsement of the American Solidarity Party of California. Our party is neither ‘right’ nor ‘left,’ neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘liberal.’ It is, however, progressive in the best sense. It is committed to progress toward the common good in light of solidarity, subsidiarity, and economic democracy. It is pro-life for the whole of life.”

When asked about the recall by the Sacramento Bee, Dr. Hanink explained, “Governor Newsom should be recalled because (1) in the pandemic, he has been both negligent in protecting at-risk people in care facilities and overreaching in the restrictions he imposed on places of worship; (2) he fails to clearly speak out against human rights abuses in China, which are staggering; (3) he supports abortion, that is, the dismembering of unborn babies, and assisted suicide; and (4) he fails to speak out against UC-Berkeley’s ‘guidance’ of nuclear stockpiling and UCSF’s ‘cutting-edge’ research using aborted babies.

When asked why voters should vote for him, Dr. Hanink replied, “I differ in that I have an overview, a comprehensive political philosophy, and if you want to get to the key aspect of it, that says that a state can’t work, it can’t pull together, it can’t foster any kind of community, unless the citizens have a shared understanding of the good. When we talk about the good, we talk about the common good, not what utilitarians talk about: the ‘maximizing of preferences and satisfaction.’ Because we have this concept of the common good, I think we’re steering the ship of politics in a way that makes sense.”

Dr. Hanink taught philosophy from 1976 to 2015 at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He and his wife Elizabeth have six children.


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